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Have you ever dreamed of flying a helicopter? 

All kinds of aircraft, knowing that flying in general or a helicopter, require different skills than aircraft or equipment. So make an upward force and the planes will have to propel themselves. Although there is a helicopter based on blades used by a mechanic. More informations : . Flying a helicopter requires the use of both feet and both hands.

What is a helicopter pilot licence?

The pilot license French Riviera is the licence available to the majority of amateur pilots. It allows passengers to travel and carry passengers without compensation and without distance limitation. It is possible to travel all over the world as long as you have the necessary language skills in the countries. Like any learning, flying requires a certain investment of time, whether for practical or theoretical courses. Accompanied by certain qualifications and additional training, this license will then allow you, if you wish, to expand your field.

Night flight: qualifications

It is quite possible to make beautiful and great navigations to discover the regions. You can take the night rating. Night flight is an opportunity to discover your city and region from a different angle but also a guarantee of safety in the event of a late and sudden arrival. Following your private pilot licence, you are able to transmit a more complex aircraft.

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